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Our People



In our offices across Latin America, you’ll find the people of LISTO, and through them, an insight into the true spirit of LISTO. You’ll see people putting their client’s interests ahead of their own. You’ll see people whose vocation, passion and professionalism makes them stand head and shoulders above their peers.


We have more than 30 consultants, based across 8 countries in Latin America, who speak the same language, the language of excellence. Our mission is to help our clients. From a training perspective, that is to ensure not only that they achieve their aims and goals on our courses, but that they also take away the benefit of a high level training and learning experience that they can apply to their personal as well as professional lives. From a consulting perspective, to assist in the delivery of a distinctive, lasting project, that enables substantial improvements in their HSSE performance, be that at individual as well as organisational level.


Our success can be measured through our client satisfaction. Solving the toughest challenges requires the best professionals. The best professionals are drawn to, and motivated by the opportunity to work on the toughest challenges, this personifies LISTO people. We are building our company around that belief. These two parts of our mission reinforce each other and makes LISTO strong, enduring, groundbreaking and innovative.


Our values


We are a values-driven organisation. Our values inform both our long-term strategy as an organisation and our day to day training and service delivery.


Adhere to the highest professional standards


  •  Put client interests ahead of the Organisation

  • Observe and practice high ethical standards

  • Maintain an independent and objective perspective


Significantly improve our clients’ performance


  • Use our global network to deliver the best in class service

  • Build client capabilities and competencies to sustain legal compliance and continuous improvement

  • Build enduring relationships based on trust


Create an unrivalled working environment for exceptional people

• Sustain a caring and balanced meritocracy

• Develop one another through mentoring, coaching and excellence

• Govern ourselves as a “one firm” partnership across the LatAm region

• Encourage and promote innovation

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